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  • Nearing the end of the year
    We just past winter solstice.  What that always reminds me of is the countdown to the end of the year.  In non-Florida times this was a cold and dreary long Read more
    Do you know that Dr. Zetoony's lectures have been replaced by a blog.  Check out Sleep Takeout Podcast with Dr. Zetoony and Dr. Baughn. Read more
  • End of the year!
    I wanted to share with you that 2020 is coming to a close. Now while to many people this seems obvious in November, like many other things in 2020 that Read more
  • 2015 coming to a close
    It is hard to believe.  This year has been such a whirlwind and I have no idea where it has gone.  We started the year anticipating opening another office and Read more
  • Narcolepsy - Treatments
    /docs/SLEEP%20TALK%20Aug%20Narcolepsy%20and%20Hypersomnia.pdf Narcolepsy is a complicated neurologic disorder that does affect entire body.  We are discovering how to treat this slowly.  Learn about some of the upcoming medications and therapies that are Read more
  • It is summer time!
    It is summertime in FLORIDA.  The beginning of a hot and fun time.  Traffic is better, kids sleep in a little later and there are many fun things to do.  Read more
  • 2015 is a new year!
    Welcome to 2015.  I am very excited to begin a new year with DO SLEEP SOLUTIONS.  Last year was extremely exciting and rewarding.  This year promises to be even moreso.  Read more

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