2015 is a new year!

Welcome to 2015.  I am very excited to begin a new year with DO SLEEP SOLUTIONS.  Last year was extremely exciting and rewarding.  This year promises to be even moreso.  As most of you who know me understand, I am very passionate about sleep and sleep disorders.  Although my training is in a variety of areas, I choose to practice mostly sleep medicine because of this.  The wide range of disorders and the tremendous improvement to health are a main reason.  Something I am most proud of is the development of SLEEP TALK.  This is a monthly meeting group where a topic is presented about sleep.  It is free to the public and is sponsored by a variety of organizations includng medical equipment companies, private practice physicians and hospitals.  The number of people this group can reach is overwhelming.  A schedule is available.  No RSVP is required.  It is not a "sit in a circle" group.  People share if they have questions or comments but it is completely up to the individual.  There is something for everyone.  Each group there is a homework assigment.  This gets people to be held accountable for good sleep practices.  This month we are going to focus on caffeine.  Let's do a little less if we can and let's see what happens.

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